Writing the Best Web Copy

When you want to take your business to the internet, you need great web copy. The internet provides many advantages for your business, including access to a wider market, more options for your customers, and better ways to communicate with your current and prospective customers. There is one limitation: your reputation relies very heavily on written content. This makes it very important for you to have good web copy.

The Benefits of Having the Best Web Copy

Web copy should be attractive to search engines so that more people can find your business, can motivate customers to want to buy your product or service, and needs to represent your business’ vision.


If someone runs a search on Google for a plumber or an antique dealer and finds your business at the top of the list, you enjoyed free advertising. Also, it is the best kind of advertising because your name wasn’t shoved in their face. They found it when they were already in need of your service. You aren’t that pest who is trying to sell them something. You are someone who can solve a problem they have. To help get your name in the top ranks of Google, you need search-engine-optimized web copy.


Web copy that motivates customers to buy a service or product is known as copywriting. It uses deliberate techniques to influence a reader to think of your product or service a certain way. It’s sort of like how soda commercials always show you that ice cold glass with the focus on the bubbles leaping up to give you the sense of feeling and tasting the soda. Suddenly, you want one. You will be more motivated to buy a soda than if you were just going about your day, even if you are already thirsty. You may have waited to get something to drink or you might have chosen something else to drink. Great web copy can make people feel like that and influence decision making.


On the internet, your website is  sort of like the atmosphere in a brick-and-mortar store. If people walk into your store, they perceive certain impressions about your business by its decor and appearance. People consciously or unconsciously begin to picture who the business owner is and how they run their business, and people buy from businesses that they like and trust. The personality displayed in your web copy, the quality of the writing, and the information that you choose to include will tell your customers who you are and what they can expect before they consider purchases. Your web copy can sound friendly, open, professional, philanthropic, and/or efficient, for example. Just by reading the home page of your website, a potential customer could be drawn in because of their perception.

How Bad Web Copy Can Hurt Your Business

Less than perfect web copy wastes your time and effort. You will be investing a web presence and not feeling the benefits. The worst thing that web copy can do is turn your audience away. If a customer reads copy from your business that is poorly written or makes you seem insincere, it could make them feel that you can’t be trusted. Web copy that looks like it was just thrown together gives people the impression that your service is also not up to par. Web copy that over-promises or sounds to good to be true can make you seem like you are more interested in getting a one-time sale rather than building a relationship with your customers. You also have to be careful when choosing the personality and values that your web copy displays. Be honest and open, but be careful that you are representing yourself and your business accurately.
The best advice for web copy is to invest in doing it right and to make sure it is most representative of your business. Invest the time and money to get quality, professional writing. Look into search engine optimization to attract people to your business. Be mindful of your business’ unique attributes, and see that your web copy not only describes those attributes, but displays them. Great web copy is more than giving people information on your business, it is interacting with them. This interaction is not the same as when a customer walks into your business and talks to a salesperson, but more like they are talking to you, the owner. What are you telling them?

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Colby Albarado

Colby Albarado

Colby is a fullstack developer

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Colby Albarado

Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer is an engineer who can develop client & server side applications. As well as administration of databases & servers.


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL


  • Vue JS
  • Laravel


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

Web Dev

Web Development is a process. The creation of a plan to construct something virtual or actual. Websites, graphics and other forms of media require a strong design foundation to be effective.


  • WordPress Plugins
  • Custom JavaScript Apps
  • Front End Development
  • Custom Programming

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SEO Ranking in any search engine requires a persistent endeavor to improve user experience and online visibility, while creating especially relevant content for your audience. Boosting organic traffic to your website can be achieved through relevant content creation, keywords, link building, monitoring and data testing.


  • Local SEO Ranking
  • Organic Search Ranking
  • OnPage SEO Implementation
  • Analytic Reporting
  • Traffic Analysis

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WordPress is extremely user friendly and flexible. It powers over 75 million sites worldwide. We are WordPress experts and can handle brand new sites, complete redesigns and overhaul and custom plugins for the WordPress system.


  • New Websites
  • Managed Hosting
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Development
  • WordPress Management

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I provide full scale post production video services. Social media & promotional video. On-screen graphics, special effects and professional voice-overs are just a few of the services provided.


  • Post Production
  • Social Media Videos
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation

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My Work

A few of my best projects.


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CrossFit Amis


I’ve worked with a variety of clients that range in size and industry


Holly Lynn-Cope
Moncus Park
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Colby at Eyebox Media has not only created a gorgeous website for us at Moncus Park, but he has also made it so easy for a WordPress novice like myself to update our website.
Michelle Morales
Punch Point Tools
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I have been working with Colby for a few years now, and he has helped me with everything I asked of him. He has designed my website twice and understood exactly what I wanted each time. Very easy to work with and looking forward to working with him again.
Michael Olivier
CrossFit Amis
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Colby is a highly qualified professional website builder and marketing consultant. He works to resolve issues quickly. I have complete confidence in Colby and am absolutely satisfied with our finished product, a complete website overhaul.
Scott Hutchinson
Hutco Inc
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Created a unique marketing plan that was executed timely and affordable. Very satisfied.
Laurie Driggs-Fontenot
Ninety-Two West
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Colby is professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. Would work with him again!
Brandon Chatham
Blast Tech
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Excellent support and very responsive when we need to add functionality. I would recommend them to anyone!

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