SEO Ranking in any search engine requires a persistent endeavor to improve user experience and online visibility, while creating especially relevant content for your audience. Boosting organic traffic to your website can be achieved through relevant content creation, keywords, link building, monitoring and data testing.

SEO Foundations:

On-page factors have to do with the structure and setup of your website. On-page factors include the quality of your code, in addition to keyword density and visual content and user experience of your site.

Off-page factors, like inbound links, social media footprint and other digital marketing activities external to your website. For the most part, off-page activities involve ethical link building to boost your authority with search engines.


Most of all, optimizing your website structure for search involves making sure that the appropriate elements are in place so that the search engine robots can read it. In other words, a website needs to be readable for humans and machines.


Intense research and refinement of keywords is performed based on what your audience is searching for. We use the latest tools to generate reports on search volumes and narrow down a list of the best possible keywords, based on your industry and business goals. These keywords can then be incorporated into your web copy and content creation efforts.

Local SEO

Ranking well in a local geographic search can be achieved by ensuring the at a few pieces of the puzzle are in place and set up correctly, and therefore can boost your local search rankings tremendously. Google Business, Bing Local and other online review platforms are an important part of this.

Seo Audits

Our audit checklist includes:

  • Google Analytics & Search
  • Console Check
  • Content and Indexing
  • On-page/metadata Analysis
  • Keyword Ranking Analysis
  • Internal Link Review
  • Backlinks Audit

Website Analytics

We track and evaluate all web traffic to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Further, we analyze goals and metrics on a periodic basis to measure improvement.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting needs to be engaging and relevant in order to build authority with search engines and especially relevant to your audience. Targeted, optimized copy combined with ongoing digital marketing efforts resonates with both humans and robots. Once SEO copy is published it can then be tracked, measured and analyzed for effectiveness, therefore, a set of data can be collected over time. Rinse, repeat.

Landing Pages

These are pages in your website that are specifically built to convert a user, or to get a user to take a specific action. In Addition, landing pages can be created for specific search keywords, in order to drive an audience to that page.


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