Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (pay-per-click) campaigns involve high value targeted ads created specifically for your audience. Geo-targeting allows ads to be segmented down to the zip code if needed, all other demographic information can be utilized for targeting as well. Resulting in quality lead-generation for your business.

Go to the Top. Make it Count.


Search engine marketing doesn’t sleep. Retargeting options of social and search platforms enables us to remarket to those who have already engaged in some way. Displaying your ad on social feeds, search results and display networks to those who have visited your website. This works to establish brand authority.

Bing Ads

While Google is without question the number one search engine in the land, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include number two in the land. Bing serves billions of search queries a day which could mean that a portion of your audience could be there.

Google Adwords

A fast way to get traffic. Google Adwords can direct quality traffic quickly through the purchase of ads placed at the top of the search result page, above the organic listings. Whether you already have an Adwords account or you are starting fresh we can get you up running, as well as provide data analysis and best course of action on an ongoing basis.

Mobile Ads

Whether your audience is at a computer or on the go, make sure your ads are formatted and appear on smartphones and tablets in an optimal manner.


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