Research & Strategy

You have business goals. Your audience has needs. Through market research solid strategies are adopted and your digital ecosystem will begin to take shape.

Identify & Promote on the Relevant Digital Marketing Channels

Market research is the bedrock of all digital marketing efforts and sets up a solid foundation for your digital ecosystem to thrive. We work to identify the best digital marketing channels through research and then building a strategy upon that. Intense market and audience research, combined with digital marketing best practices builds customer loyalty and engagement.

Market Segmentation: dividing up a broad industry sector into subsets allows us to target specific needs using the most relevant media channels for that segment.

Buyer Personas: Identifying the “who” that is your audience is crucial. Defining the characteristics, patterns and behaviors makes for more effective and micro-targeting of relevant content.

Market Research

Most of all, optimizing your website structure for search involves making sure that the appropriate elements are in place so that the search engine robots can read it. In other words, a website needs to be readable for humans and machines.

Competitive Analysis

Identifying your direct competition and determining why and where they compete with your business is a main component in developing a campaign. Using various data gathering techniques, we identify the competition and evaluate their digital footprint to determine where they are positioned and why they are active in those spaces.

Channel Identification

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to what channels your digital marketing will dive into. Maintaining relevance to both users and search engines is critical to achieve online success. However, the digital marketing channels available today are overwhelming, with more platforms on the way. Not to mention that along with each channel is a learning curve with dozens of options and configurations that if not setup correctly can lead to undesirable results. So it’s important to consider your budget, goals and available resources in order to identify the most beneficial ways to reach your audience while remaining cost effective. We have the knowledge and experience with this environment to select the most cost effective channels that will deliver results.

Messaging Strategy

In order to influence an audience, a brand must establish a consistent message with a unique voice and tone. The way an organization expresses itself signals a set of characteristics that attract engagement and foster credibility with customers. Unique and trustworthy messaging allows your brand to stand out in competitive environments.

Campaign Strategy

We track and evaluate all web traffic to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Further, we analyze goals and metrics on a periodic basis to measure improvement.

Data Analysis

SEO copywriting needs to be engaging and relevant in order to build authority with search engines and especially relevant to your audience. Targeted, optimized copy combined with ongoing digital marketing efforts resonates with both humans and robots. Once SEO copy is published it can then be tracked, measured and analyzed for effectiveness, therefore, a set of data can be collected over time. Rinse, repeat.


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