How to Write Smarter Blog Posts

Content is King!  You have probably heard that before, and for good reason.  It is true.  Without a doubt, quality, relevant, and engaging content is the best way to get clicks, conversions, and loyal readers. In this article, you will learn how to write smarter blog posts to become blog royalty.

Content Relevance is Key

It really can be an art to find the right topics for your blog. The key is to choose the main niche for your blog, and branch off from that center point. It is important to diversify what you write about, but you don’t want to go too far and lose your readers.  In the case that you are trying to sell something, it is important to find topics that inform and engage your audience, without directly promoting your products.

For example, if you sell shoes, you may want to write about how the body is impacted by the shoes worn, or how to pick the perfect shoes for an outfit. While branching out, the topics still tie back to the shoes, and do not only self-promote, but provide the reader with useful information. So the key to smarter blog posts is content relevance, here is how to keep your blog content relevant.

How to Keep your Blog Content Relevant

Check the news

What is in the news related to your niche? What is trending?  Whatever happens to be trending has already proven to be of interest to people, and can be commentated on by you.

Research your competition

What are your competitors writing about?  How is their content faring?  Are they getting a lot of readership? Know what is going on with your competition, so you stay aware.

Focus on your buyer persona

Whomever your target market is, and whatever those consumers are interested in, is what YOU should be writing about.  Buyer personas are, in the simplest terms, basic outlines of a possible buyer/reader that is based upon demographic information. If you are writing for teen girls, for example, find out what THEY really care about.

Know the form your buyer persona prefers

Are they the types of folks who favor e-books?  Would they prefer an online course or lecture?  Do they enjoy internet videos?  Are they the kinds of people who love nothing more than taking a quiz?  Find out, and then cater your content to your market.

Focus on solutions to problems

People want problems solved, questions answered, and time saved.  That is why “life hacks” have taken off the way that they have.  Your readership has a problem of some kind, figure out what it is, and then work to write content that will help them solve it.

Focus on your objectives

Keep your eyes and ears open, continue to research and monitor.  If conversions slow down, stop and look around to see if you can figure out why.  In general, your objectives should stay the same and you should work around them.  That means that if you are marketing to teenage girls, and they no longer want to read about the newest shampoo, it isn’t the teenage girls you get rid of, it’s the shampoo.

Leverage helpful tools

There are many great sites, apps and tools out there to make your job easier.  A favorite amongst many marketers is Buzzsumo. The site tells you who is clicking on what kind of content, who is sharing it and what is going viral, etc.  Another great tool is Google Analytics…

Use Google Analytics

It can help you to research your market, understand your buyer personas, and be better capable of really servicing your niche.

In short, to create blog posts that will drive traffic and, hopefully, conversions; you need to start looking at what people want, as well as what is current, out there, helpful and suited to YOUR demographic.  It is not so great to start blindly stabbing into the dark seeing what you might try and see what happens.  Write smart blog posts by identifying your audience and niche, and providing them with relevant, diversified content.

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Colby Albarado

Colby Albarado

Colby is a fullstack developer

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