Growth of Video Marketing

The Rise of Video Marketing

The use of video for internet marketing is booming. The volume of traffic for videos has increased exponentially and the trend is unlikely to change anytime soon. Based on the facts and figures, they all indicate rapid growth in the future. Online videos have become a vital means by which people can fulfill their entertainment and information needs. Essentially, businesses which don’t include video marketing  into their marketing activities may be missing their audience.

As mentioned, online videos are becoming the future of marketing and advertising. This can be better understood by the various studies which show a majority of businesses and organizations have already started using the medium. Those business entities that have in fact made effective use of video marketing have grown and been able to reach a larger target audience in a short amount of time. The number is expected to rise even more when others begin to realize what they are missing out on and the opportunities available through video marketing.

It has been estimated approximately 64% of all marketers emphasize on the importance of video marketing and have already used it to dominate their own marketing strategies.

Video Marketing | Virtually Limitless Possibilities

There are countless possibilities for reaching potential target audiences with video. Over 1 billion users visit YouTube every month, which is more users than any other video channel. This should reveal the potential reach when considering what slice of that figure is makes up your audience.

There are countless videos online that have gone viral in no time. Their success stories demonstrate the potential reach of video marketing if you offer something relevant to your target audience. For instance, Volkswagen’s popular marketing campaign focused on three of its online videos, and they were viewed more than 155 million times.

Video creation is also becoming more accessible as technology advances. If you have a modern smartphone, you can shoot a video, just be sure it’s relevant to your audience. A simple google search will reveal multiple tools for editing and even some ideas to get you started.

It Is Successful and Efficient and Always Shall Be

Video marketing proves successful simply because videos are more engaging. In this day and age, when users have too much information to skim through, videos offer a brief overview on matters which are actually important. For small businesses, this can be an effective way to deliver messages to their audiences in an easy-to-digest manner.

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, you will realize video marketing is an evolving and growing medium. Jump on the bandwagon now to capitalize on this trend and expand your business’ reach by interacting with your target audience via video content.

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Colby Albarado

Colby Albarado

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