Creating Web Videos

A great way to get your company noticed, is to create web videos to distribute online. In this article we will run down the basics of producing a video to promote your organization.

1. Know Your Purpose

Are you shooting web videos to increase awareness or sales? Once you figure out your purpose, you need to know whom you are shooting it for. The concept and message you will deliver should target your intended audience. Also, determine which type of video you are going to shoot. You can choose from the following:

  • Company Spokesperson
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Narrated Video
  • Explainer Videos
  • Professional Actors

2. Deliver a Strong Concept

Come up with a concept you know will spread like wildfire on the web. Your aim is to make people want to share the web video on their social media platforms. Come up with a concept that no one has ever done before and add some humor to it. Fresh, unique, and funny is what is going to get you trending.

3. Relate the Location to Your Company

An expensive location will not automatically get your web videos noticed. Most companies make the mistake of choosing an expensive locale to shoot their video aimed to promote their product or service. The end result is of a video coming off as making no sense in how it relates to your company. The location and your company should go hand in hand. Also, your budget for the promotional video comes into consideration at this point.

4. Shoot a Two to Five Minute Video

No one has time to sit through a fifteen-minute promotional video, as their attention span does not allow them. You need to produce a two to five minute video, not more than that. The message you portray through the short video should be to the point, but still engaging.

5. Take the Conversational and Casual Approach

When the dialogues come off as robotic, you can confidently say your video will be doomed from the start. Do not immediately choose to go with the given script in hand, as chances are that it will be less than perfect and may need some serious tweaking to get it there. Read the script out a loud to get feedback and suggestions of what you should add and subtract.

6. Cast Someone Who Can Speak

Speaking on camera is not everyone’s cup of tea, as not everyone is comfortable with the camera’s eye on them. If you are looking for a spokesperson to star in your promotional video, ensure you pick someone who can confidently say the dialogues. You can hire people from the company or professional actors. Hold tryouts for people so you can judge each person’s screen test with the producer.

7. Shoot in Hi-Definition Video

Shooting in hi-definition video will increase your costs, but it will be the right step to take. In this age, people demand high quality from pictures and videos. It will increase the appeal of your promotional video amongst audiences. Moreover, the audio quality needs to be just as great as the video quality.

8. Show the Finished Product

Just as you obtained feedback about the script, you need to obtain feedback about the finished product. If you receive positive feedback, your promotional video is ready to launch on the web. If you receive negative feedback, do not take it as a blow to your ego, but see it as constructive criticism to improve the promotional video.

Lastly, post your web videos on YouTube and/or Vimeo, share it on Facebook, place it on your website, and other social media platforms.

PRO Tip:  On your company’s Instagram page, post behind the scene footage or create a separate behind the scene footage video to release later. The internet loves outtakes!

Colby Albarado

Colby Albarado

Colby is a fullstack developer

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